Downloadable Rules

Tournament Rules

Tournament Format

•    First team listed is Home team
•    Home Team will wear White, sit on the Home bench & provides the CLOCK OPERATOR if needed
•    Guest Team will wear a darker color, sit on the Guest bench & will keep the Official Book if needed
•    The game ball will be a 28.5” Ball for all games 6th Grade and below (7th & 8th Grade plays with 29.5”)
•    All games will be played on 10’ rims
•    5 minute warm between games
•    Forfeit time is 15 minutes past the game time
•    Winning Coach Documents the score on the score sheet provided on the bulletin board behind the scorers table on each court

Team Rules/Details

•    Parker Bernard Tournament Directors reserves the right to eject any team or individual
•    Divisions are based on the grade the player is in during the 2012-13 school year
•    A Player CAN NOT play on 2 teams in the same division of the event

A Coach or Player who is ejected from a Game for any reason will be suspended for the next game. If the same Coach or Player is ejected from their second game during the tournament they will be suspended from the tournament for the remainder of the event.

Game Rules/Details

•    OHSAA rules except for noted exceptions
•    Game Times will be (2) 20 minute halves with a “running”  clock except last minute of each half.
•    Full Court pressure is permitted in all Divisions. Pressing is NOT PERMITTED if up by 15+ points (3rd grade full court pressure only allowed in second half)
•    3 Minute Halftime
•    2 Minute Overtime period. Each team will receive one timeout per overtime period
​•    4 Timeouts per game (2 Full & 2 thirty second). Each team gets 1 full and one :30 second timeout each half. “Use them or loose them” for a total of 4 timeouts per game
•    7 Fouls per half for a team and then 1 & 1. 10 Fouls or more per half = double bonus

Bracket Seating Tie Breaker

•    Head to Head Competition
•    Point Differential. Each team can earn a maximum of 13 points per victory
•    Points For
•    Points Against
•    Coin Flip